Best Beaches in Thailand

Best Beaches in Thailand

Best Beaches in Thailand

Many modern travel publications agree that the best beaches in Asia, if not in the whole world, can be found in Thailand. It may not seem totally fair at first glance – how can a single country boast so many beautiful beaches? – while others take full advantage of this paradise. What the beaches in Thailand really have to offer to travelers is truly extraordinary. They are not just slices of the coastline of sand and water – rather than that they are remarkable soft white dunes with azure water that will leave you totally awestruck. Check out also Top 5 Destinations in Thailand to make your vacations unforgettable!

Beaches of Phuket

the best beaches in Thailand - Phuket beach

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. One of the biggest, most vibrant and famous spots here is the Patong Beach. Here you can find everything – from picture-perfect shorelines to sizzling nightlife.

The Indian Ocean that caresses the island is what really makes the place stand out. The lengthy monotonous stretches of the coastline are broken by two rocky formations that give the Patong Beach a certain exotic appeal. Among other popular beaches on the island is Nai Ham which is popular with the upscale travelers, Nai Thon for those who prefer more peaceful and quiet surroundings, and, finally, Mai Kao – an ideal place for those who would like a romantic solitary escape.

As we have mentioned Phuket has much more to offer for travelers than just the beaches. For example, Phang NgaBay offers some great scenic views, and there are many sightseeing opportunities in the Old Phuket town. Check out Travel Guide to Southern Thailand and find out what else you can visit besides the beautiful beaches of Phuket.

Ko Chang Beach

the best beaches in Thailand - Ko Chang Beach

Ko Chang is the second largest island in Thailand. There are numerous places to see and visit – beautiful white beaches adorned with rugged bays and dense jungle. The island has undergone some major developments as of late but the famous ‘Lonely Beach‘ was left in its pristine condition. It is one of the best places to take a swim.

Phi Phi Islands

the best beaches in Thailand - Phi Phi Islands

The picture-perfect scenery of Phi Phi Island is truly breathtaking. It was the place where the cult movie “The Beach” was filmed and has since become an insanely popular tourist destination. It is evidenced by over a million visitors that have chosen to visit the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. The largest of the islands, Phi Phi Don, is famous for its clear waters. Phi Phi Lay, its smaller counterpart, also has some amazing things to offer.

Railay Beach, Krabi

the best beaches in Thailand - Ko Chang Beach

Railey is a rock-climbers paradise. Many rocky formations can be seen protruding from the landscape of the island. The local beach is relatively small, but it still attracts a decent number of rock-climbing enthusiasts.

Hua Hin and Hua Hin Beach

the best beaches in Thailand - Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin and the local beach is a great place to visit with a family. It is an ideal place for travelers with children because the beach that stretches here is long and flat. But it may not be a good place for a swimming enthusiast.

Samui Island

the best beaches in Thailand - Samui Island

Nowadays it is probably the priciest beach destination in Thailand. But not long time ago it used to be a backpackers mecca. After some major developments in the recent years, however, it has become a destination for the more upscale crowd. The size of the island limits the number of activities that you can take advantage of. However, what attracts the tourists here the most is the white sand, warm sun, and the beautiful sea.

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