How to get from Domodedovo airport to Moscow city center

How to get from Moscow Domodedovo airport to the city center Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo Airport has many transportation options to get to the city center. Depending on the budget and time you have, you can choose the most suitable to you.

1. Taxi

airport taxi in moscowTaxi in Moscow might cost not so expensive as non-locals think. But if you a foreigner or even Russian who came to the capital for the first time, you might easily be scammed by the taxi drivers. For instance, after taking your luggage and entering the arrivals area of Domodedovo Airport, a lot of taxi drivers surround you asking where you need to go and suggesting “the cheapest” price you can find.

! So here is the fist tip for you: Never take the cab at the arrival zone from the private taxi drivers! They usually raise the price twice or more when they drop you to the place. Or simply can take the longest road. And if you don’t speak Russian it will be difficult for you to argue with them.

Thus, where it’s better to pick the taxi and don’t overpay for it?

taxi desks at Domodedovo airportThe first option is to book the taxi at the official airport desks the location of which you can see on the image by zooming it. It will cost you for sure less than going with the private taxi driver. The prices are fixed by the meter. The approximate price to get to the city center by official airport taxi costs from 25-35 euros.

Another option is to use Uber taxi. It’s the cheapest taxi in Moscow and by the comfort is in no way inferior to another taxi companies. As for me I always go for Uber if I need to use a cab.

Uber taxi in MoscowThe advantages of Uber: 

1) cheap price: for example, to get to the city center will cost you 15 euros.

! Make your trip 5€ cheaper! Use this code while making the order and you will get 5€ off your Uber journey.

2) fixed price: nowadays the price in Uber doesn’t depend on meters, at least in Moscow. The road can take 30 minutes or 1 hour, it doesn’t matter because you pay the fixed price which you can see at the app while ordering the taxi.

3) user-friendly application: to order a cab is very easy with the app. Having made an order you will get all the information you need: the price, the name of the taxi driver, his phone, and the license plate number.

4) you can pay as by card so by cash: just choose the most comfortable way and don’t worry if you don’t have Russian currency, for example.

2. Aeroexpress train

Aeroexpress DomodedovoAeroexpress can get one of the best and fastest option for you to get to the city center while peak-hour traffic, which you might face up not only in the morning and evening but also during the day.

The way takes 45 minutes. The train goes without stops to the Paveletskaya railway station, where you can pick the metro (“Paveletskaya station”). Aeroexpress is modern, tidy, with comfortable seats and Free WiFi on board.

It works from 6 am till the midnight and runs every 30 minutes.  Here you can find the timetable.

The price depends on where you buy a ticket:

aeroexpress ticket machine1) In the vending machines and turnstiles at the airport or at Paveletskaya train station the Standard ticket costs 8€/9$ (500 rubles).

2) Through the internet, the Standard ticket will cost you 6,5€/7,5$ (420 rubles). To buy it pretty easy. Having visited the official website, you will see the form with the fields where you should fill the date of travel, fare, the number of tickets and agree to the terms of purchase. Later keep filling the forms with your e-mail, phone, personal data and payment data.

! There is no option to choose the direction and the airport, because e-ticket is valid as at Domodedovo Airport so at Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo and no matter if you go from or to the airport.

Aeroexpress buy ticket 1 Aeroexpress buy ticket 2Aeroexpress buy ticket 3Aeroexpress buy ticket 4



aeroexpress e-ticket


This is how your electronic ticket will look like



2. Elektrichka

Electric train in moscowThis probably strange by sound word simply means an electric train that runs in Moscow and Moscow region and connects it with other close cities. You can also use this electric train to get to the city center. As well as Aeroexpress it goes to the Paveletskaya railway station.

But there are some differences between Elektrichka and Aeroexpress:

1) The price: Elektrichka is much cheaper – one-way ticket cost around 2€.

2) Travel time: electric train goes with the stops that’s why the ride takes more time – 1 hour 10 minutes.

3) Timetable: Electrichka has a different timetable from Aeroexpress. You can check it here or while buying the tickets at the vending machine at Domodedovo airport.

4) Comfort: even though there are many new and comfortable Elektrichkas run in Moscow, it might be also an old train. So don’t expect the same comfort and service as at Aeroexpress.

Where can you find Elektrichka and buy the ticket?

The electric train goes from the same place as Aeroexpress. But meanwhile Aeroexpress platform is easy to find, Elektrichka and the platform from where it goes can not be visible at first sight. So, when you leave the airport from the Exit 3 or 4, the Aeroexpress station and the turnstiles to enter it will be in front of you. So then walk it on the right-hand side. Having passed the vending machine of Aeroexpress tickets you will see another platform. There you can find the vending machines where you can buy a ticket for Eleltrichka. They look differently from Aeroexpress vending machines. While buying the ticket choose the destination (Paveletskaya railway station).

Bus and Metro

Another option how you can reach the city from Domodedovo airport is a bus. The advantages of this option is a cheap price. But it’s quite difficult to talk about the time that the road will take you. Usually, the way takes around 30 minutes. But with the traffic jams can be more.

The buses go to the metro station “Domodedovskaya”. Having picked the metro, you will get the city center within 30 minutes. So, in general, the road takes minimum 1 hour (30 minutes bus + 30 minutes metro).

express bus 308 from Domodedovo airport to Moscow.jpgThere are several types of buses all with the same number 308 you can find at Domodedovo airport.

1) Express bus 308:

Working hours: from 06.00 to 24:00. Runs every 15 minutes.

The price: 1,8 euros

mini-bas to Domodedovo airport2) Mini-bus/Marshrutka 308:

Working hours: it runs every 15 minutes from 06.00 to 24:00 and every 40 minutes from 24:00 to 06:00

The price: 1,8 euros

Public bus from Domodedovo airport to Moscow3) Public city bus:

Working hours: from 06:00 to 24:00. Goes every 30 minutes.

The price: 1,3 euros.


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