Flea markets near me: best flea markets list

Flea markets near me

flea markets near me

What is the best place to find antiques, vintage clothes and jewellery, period furniture, old stamps and cameras, weird things, and original knick-knacks? This place is definitely called flea market. Flea market is usually outdoor market, bazar where vendors gather once a week or seasonally to sell used goods, collectibles and cheap things, rare books and many other things.

Personally I love flea markets and every time I travel to some city or country, I’m trying to visit some local one. Flea market is not only the place where you can find something really nice or something unusual, but it also a place where you can see different people, have a little small talk, improve your bargain skills and simply enjoy a day in a different way.


Best flea markets around the world

Marché aux Puces in Paris, France

marché aux puces flea market in paris

The Marché aux Puces, the Puces, as locals call it, is the most famous around the world and the most antiques. This is the place where Picasso liked to stroll in search of inspiration, where was filmed “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen.

Here you can find from some rare and first-edition books to some junk in kitsch-style, from some antiques to old maps and vintage bags and clothes by famous designers. The only thing I’d advise you is to put comfortable shoes and enjoy this atmospheric French flea market.

Portobello Road in London, England

portobello road flea market in London

Portobello Road is one of the most remarkable flea markets, in my humble opinion. Once you’ll get here, you’ll feel like walking through the rainbow row: you’ll see many beautiful colorful houses. And besides that, you will be also impressed by the quantity and quality of the things you can find at the market.

Stroll Portobello Road flea market and find antiques and collectibles, knick-knacks, vintage and new clothes, secondhand jewelry, old watches, books and much more. Besides that, you can also drink a beer at a local English bar or pick fresh fruits or veggies and do a picknick.



If you visit or stay in Buenas Aeras, you simply must visit San Telmo Fair. It is much loved as among the big collectors that come from all around the world to buy some antiques here, so among locals and tourists. Even though the Dorrego Flea Market is open every day, I’d advise you to come on Sunday when the Feria de San Telmo takes place. It runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

What you will see here: artisans from all over Argentine, vintage jewelry and glassware, period furniture, antique items, old stamps, and coins. Before buying something don’t forget to negotiate the price, here it’s absolutely normal.

You can also enjoy Argentine cuisine in one of the local bars or restaurants. Or simply buy some street food, for example, choripan, a chorizo sandwich, and enjoy it on the way.

Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, California, USA

rose bowl flea market in california, use

Rose Bowl Flea Market is probably on of the most iconic markets in the world. It’s so famous that they even charge 9$ admission per person. But believe me, it’s absolutely worth it. Colorful trailers, easy-going and smiley vendors, and of course an abundance of unique and interesting things you can find here. From artisans to bric-a-bric, from vintage clothes and furniture to weird things like funny Halloween costumes.

Rose Bowl Flea Market takes place every 2nd Sunday of the month.I’d suggest you come as earlier as you can because the most interesting and unique pieces usually are bought in the first few hours.

El Rastro in Madrid, Spain

flea market el rastro in madrid

Visiting this main flea market in Madrid can get one of the most bright moments in your staying here. El Rastro runs every Sunday throughout the year and has a lot to suggest to its visitors. I’d divide the market into two parts: the main street where mostly the vendors sell new things and clothes, and the side streets where you can find hidden treasures like antiques, vintage finds, art pieces and collectibles.

What is also nice that El Rastro takes place near one of the oldest and most interesting neighborhoods in Madrid which called Barrio de La Latina. After having strolled all the flea market, you can come here and try some Spanish tapas and drink a beer in one of the many bars.

Insanely lucky flea market founds

17th-centure painting

German student flea market find

Bought for: $215

Estimated: $27,630

In 2007, a German student bought a pullout couch for $215 at Berlin flea market. When she came home and opened it, inside the couch cushions she found an oil painting. As it turns out, the picture was Venetian painting of 17th-century “Preparation to escape Egypt”. Later she sold it at auction for $27,630.

Andy Warhol's childhood sketch


Bought for: $5

Estimated: $2 million

In 2010, British man Andy Fields bought 5 strange sketches for $5 at a flea market in Las Vegas, USA. When he came home and started to check the finds he discovered that one of the paintings that were hidden on the back had a sign of Andy Warhol. The sketch was estimated at $2 million, but Andy Fields is not thinking of selling it.

Original Copy of the Declaration of Independence

original copy of the declaration of independence

Bought for: 4$

Sold for: $2.4 million

In 1989, a Pennsylvania man bought a picture frame at a flea market for $4. It had a small picture inside that he was not interested in because he liked more the frame. When he removed this small picture he found out that it was a copy of the Declaration of Independence from 1776 behind it. There were just 24 copies of Declaration of Independence from 1776 and his one was in really good conditions what let him sell it for $2.4 million.

11th-centure bowl from China’s Song dynasty


Bought for: 3$

Sold for: $2.2 million

In 2013, New York family bought a dish at a garage sale for $3. Many years it was in their house and they didn’t know how valuable it is. But once they discovered that the dish they had was nothing but a 1,000-year-old bowl from China’s Song dynasty. They sold it for $2,2 million in 2013.

Later the bowl was resold again. Last time it was sold at auction for $37.7 million.

Lost negatives of Ansel Adams

Lost negatives of ansel adams

Bought for: 45$

If authentic, worth: $200 million

Back in 2000, Rick Norsigian bought two boxes with 65 old glass negatives depicting American landscapes for $45 at a garage sale in California, USA.

In the beginning, Rick Norwegian had no idea of the value of this collection, until one day he found interesting similarity between his negatives and the works of Ansel Adams, the father of American photography, who was famous for its black and white photographs of the West.

During many years of investigation, various experts analyzed the negatives. Views differed, some experts are sure that it’s lost Ansel Adams negatives, and other stated opposite opinion. If these old glass negatives are authentic, then Norwegian could sell it for $200 million.

In 2007, Rick Norwegian with the help of his lawyer sold the negatives without mentioning the name of Ansel Adams for 1.8 million. But this story is still being very mysterious. What if the lost negatives are from Ansel Adams and can be sold for $200 million?

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