Free things to do in London

Free Things to Do in London

Free Things to Do in London

London is the home to buzzing markets, beautiful parks, stunning churches, phenomenal viewpoints and captivating cemeteries. It is also one of the most expensive cities worldwide, but this doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot to take advantage of all the amazing things it has to offer. Check out my list of Free Things to Do in London which will help you save time and money.

Visit the fascinating Science Museum

Science Museum London

The Science Museum is a world famous and a great museum on the Exhibition Road at the South of Kensington. Here you can discover and interact with the major scientific advances of the last 300 years. Visiting the museum is free and open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. You can view some space explorations like rockets, satellites and the Apollo command or even the Energy Hall. You can also view some quirky attractions like a pregnant man, a seven-toed cat or even a space toilet. Pretty cool isn’t? There are also simulators so you can enjoy taking a virtual reality trip from space to earth in a Soyuz capsule.

Check out the famous Borough market

Borough market, London

The Borough market is London’s favourite food market. It is a vast repository of culinary knowledge and understanding. You can come here and discover new flavours and savour a unique atmosphere. The gourmet food market also offers free samples of cheese, different types of bread, cakes, cider and ready-made foods. So if you’re hungry, you can come here and take advantage of this many samples. Also, don’t miss the chance to try here the famous Scotch egg (a great British tradition and the best finger food). You can explore the Borough market for free, although the hours often vary. Timings: Mon-Thurs: 10am-5pm, Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 8am-5pm.

Enjoy a free comedy show at the Angel Comedy Club

free comedy show at the Angel Comedy Club free comedy show at the Angel Comedy Club

The Camden Head is among Angel’s finest pubs. It is also the home of London’s best comedy club – The Angel Comedy. The Angel Comedy Club is free and opens every day at 7:30 pm. Also, Fridays and Saturdays are the “flagship nights”, showing off the finest professional talent. I would suggest that you arrive an hour early especially on weekends to avoid huge crowds. You can also grab a pint and order some snacks as you prepare for several hours of fun and laughter.

Tour the beautiful Sky Garden

Sky Garden, London

This is another point from the list of free things that you can do in the capital. The Sky Garden is the highest public building in London. This beautiful garden boasts three storeys and well-known as the Walkie Talkie building, mostly because of its shape. There are amazing views here like the Mediterranean and South African plants, two restaurants and an open-air terrace. Visiting the sky garden is free. I would suggest that you book their 90-minute time slot at least 3 days in advance on the website. You can also come up here and take pictures as you take a perfect glimpse of London.

Experience a great night out at the Amber bar club

Amber bar club, London

If you’re looking for an affordable place to party in London, then you must visit the Amber Bar. This bar is an unlined blend of retro disco vibes and an ideal setting for any mood or occasion. There is a neon dance floor and a casual Main Bar that you can catch up with friends over drinks or dinner. If you’re a beer fan you will get drawn to the super cool Heineken Room (best for entertaining mates or co-workers). The Amber bar is open every day and has a free entrance. This is the best place to socialise, celebrate and experience the best night out while you’re in London.

Explore the stupendous Hyde Park

Hyde Park, London

The Hyde Park is among the largest parks in London and the historical hunting ground of King Henry VIII. Here you can view Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain, Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park bandstand and a Pet Cemetery. The park host concerts in the summer like the Winter Wonderland and the British Summertime Festival. You can also swim and boat in the Serpentine River, play football and tennis, rent a bike and ride horses. The Hyde Park is free and open daily from 5 am to 12 am. Couldn’t think of a better way to start your morning.

Explore the famous Piccadilly circus

Piccadilly circus, London

Piccadilly Circus is the busiest shopping area in the centre of all London. Here you can sit by the popular statue of Eros (which is historically a famous meeting point). Or take some pictures in front of the iconic advertising hoarding. You can also check out some bars, stores, restaurants and souvenirs shops that line the square. You can tour the circus for free and also view free shows by Street performers and musicians.

Check out the famous Platform 93/4 Kings Cross

Platform 9 3/4 Kings Cross

The Platform 93/4, located at the King’s Cross Station, is the most famous railway platform in the world. This is also where Harry Potter boarded the popular ‘Hog wart’s Express’ which would take him to school. So if you’re a Harry Potter fan, I would recommend that you check out this platform. You will find a sign emblazoned with this platform. There is also a luggage trolley that is half-buried in the wall. You can get an opportunity to take a picture pretending you are off to start your magical school journey. Just don’t let the muggles see you disappear!!

Watch a free trial at the Old Bailey court

Old Bailey court, London

The Old Bailey has been a sink of the human misery for many years. The court deals with all major criminal cases, mostly those of Greater London. So, you can pop by for free and watch as London’s criminal masterminds get sent down or convicted. There is high security during entry and you are not allowed to take in cameras, mobile phones and large bags. Visitors are also required to be above 14 years to get admission to view the galleries.

Enjoy free lunchtime music concert at St Martin’s in the fields

free concerts at St Martin's in the fields

St Martin-in-the-fields is a cafe, church, shop and concert venue on the north-eastern corner of the Trafalgar Square. The free daily lunchtime concerts are an amazing way to sample the virtuoso performances of world class musicians. So if you love Gigs or music, come by and listen to some glorious music for free. Here you can enjoy the classic music, piano solos and choral music alike. What better way to spend your lunchtime break while in London.

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