Scuba diving in Spain: best places to dive in Costa Blanca

Scuba diving in Spain: best places to dive in Costa Blanca

Scuba Diving in Costa Blanca

Visiting Costa Blanca coastline in Spain, don’t miss a chance to have amazing and unforgettable scuba diving experience. Here you will discover beautiful and breathtaking sites, precious flora and fauna, and lots of old shipwrecks. Check out the best places to dive in Costa Blanca.


Benidorm nowadays is one of the popular touristic city on the east coast of Spain. The beaches are always full of tourists who don’t worry so much about the leaving the place clean. However, it didn’t prevent this place from taking the first place on my list. All thanks to the small island that constitutes a rock which you can easily see from the beach. It takes just 20 mins to get it by boat. Peacock Island is a national reserve and has underwater mountain over 30 meters to the depth, called La Llosa. This place has a rich marine fauna and lots of divers coming here to see it. Here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, big schools of barracuda, moray, stingrays, different schools of fishes, and sometimes some lucky divers meet here the dolphins.

Personally, I love scuba diving in Peacock Island. Especially because I always keep discovering here new beautiful places and different sea inhabitants. Last time I dove I saw a moray ell, big barracuda, schools of huge fishes.

Talking about the centers that you can dive here, There are different of them and the prices are more or less the same. We usually dive with Nisos Benidorm Dive Center. If you have all the equipment, one dive with the boat will cost you 30 euros; if you are renting the equipment – around 60 euros. To get to know more information about the options, prices, and courses, check out its website.


You will be impressed how many great spots Murcian coast can suggest you. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the fauna and flora and meet with shoals of predators, barracuda, red scorpion fish, swordfish, tigerfish, dentex, European pollock, moray ell, octopus, and many other types of sea inhabitance. Also, you can dive into history and check the shipwrecks. In addition, you will be pleased by the warm and sunny climate that Murcia suggests all over the year.

Cabo de Palos / Isla Hormigas / Isla Grosa: have ones of the most exciting dives, enjoying fantastic caves, reefs, and swim-throughs. Here you also have a chance to discover old shipwrecks.

Cartagena / La Azohia / Cabo Tinoso: the city Cartagena used to be an important naval base. So having dived here, you can find out a range of shipwrecks some of which dating to ancient history. Besides that you will be amazed by the crystal-clear waters here, that will make help you to discover the precious flora and fauna and caves.

Mazarron: another great spot for scuba diving. It offers various deserted coves, plenty underwater caves, and great typical flora and fauna of Med. Here you can see octopuses, cuttlefish, seahorses, blue-spotted rays, scorpionfishes, and many others types of fishes. Besides that, you can also enjoy many wreck sites, for example, sunken fishing boats and Spanish Navy minesweeper. They sunk to create an artificial reef.


Calpe diving  Calpe barracudas

Calpe is very nice place to visit and to stay for a weekend: walk around, enjoy the local beaches, rest by the city lake, where you can see pink flamingos. I like this city for its cozy and calm atmosphere. Besides the city sites, you can also enjoy here beautiful underwater sites. Scuba diving in Calpe will be interested for beginners and for professionals alike. If you will dive from the shore, you can visit shipwrecks which are close to the coast. I’d also suggest you pick a dive from the boat. Like that you can discover the beauty of flora and fauna that Calpe beach can suggest. Here you are able to explore different small caves and to meet with octopuses, morays ell, barracudas, langoustines, and many types of fishes.

In Calpe, I always dive with Calpe Multiaventura Diving Center. It gives the cheapest prices for scuba diving that I’ve ever seen. For example, if you have all equipment, you can pick a voucher of 10 dives just for 150 euros. It means that 1 dive cost just 15 euros, and this is a dive from the boat and also includes the bottle of air. If you are two people you can easily spend these 10 dives together during a weekend. For those who are going to lend the equipment the center also provides good price for a dive – 50 euros. You are also able to take scuba diving course that goes almost every weekend, after which you become Open Water Diver and be able to dive to 18 meters.

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