Top hidden gems in St Petersburg: unusual spots to visit

Top hidden gems in St Petersburg: unusual spots to visit

st petersburg hidden gems

In this St Petersburg Travel Guide, you can find the must-visit places in St Petersburg. But if you are not the first time in the northern capital, have seen it all or want to know the city from another side, then you should check this Guide to hidden gems in St Petersburg. It will show you non-touristy places in St Petersburg and unofficial sights to discover.

Take unusual view from Semimostye

semimostye, st petersburg

Once discovering the city, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most unusual and non-turisty places in St Petersburg – the Seven Bridges or Semimostye, how locals call it. It’s famous among the citizenships by the magnificent view that opens here onto on Seven Bridges. It’s believed that all the wishes made here will come true.

Ritual: To make your wish come true you need to envision and think about your desire and at the same time look at the bridges. Locals promise, that your wish for sure will come true. You’ll have a chance to check it!

Where to find: The Seven Bridges Point is exactly at on Pikalova Bridge and staying there St. Nicholas Cathedral should be on your left hand.

Stroll Petrograd Side

petrograd side

Petrograd Side is one of the most beautiful districts in St Petersburg. To feel its special atmosphere and see its beauty you need just to walk around looking at the arches, windows, bay windows, street light, houses that has the shape of wells, cozy parks. 

The interesting sights to visit in Petrograd Side:

  • Cabin of Peter the Great, the first building of St Petersburg

  • St Petersburg Mosque, one of biggest mosques in Europe

Walk all "Vaska" on foot

Vaska, diminutive of Vasilievsky Island is a famous place and quite popular tourist spot. It contains many famous attractions like museum of the Kunstkamera, the Menshikov Palace, lots of important historical buildings. But not all the tourists know that if you want to feel the mood of the island and see Vasilievsky Island through the eyes of locals, you should just turn to any street.

I’d recommend you to explore all historical part of the island. Here every single house is interesting. Look into the yards that remind wells by the their shape, visit Catholic cemetery with gloomy Madonnas and angels, go to a free concert in the St. Michael’s Lutheran Church which you can find on Sredny Prospect, 18.

Tip: Vasilievsky Island is nice to walk during the day and night alike. So, it could be a nice option to book some accommodation right on the island for one-two nights. Like that you’ll be able to enjoy and get to know non-touristy Vaska.

See St Petersburg from above

rooftop walk in st petersburg

Don’t miss an opportunity to see St Petersburg from the roofs. It’s an unusual way to take a look at the famous monuments and places from another perspective. Nowadays to walk on the roofs got absolutely legal and you can easily book a place in one of the many city’s rooftop tours.

How to find: Just search in Google “rooftop tour in St Petersburg” and you will find dozens of them. Or you can also find some of the rooftop tours in Airbnb.

The price: Average price goes around 10-20$ per person.

Wander Gorokhovaya street

gorokhovaya street

It’s one of the oldest and most popular streets in St Peterburg among the citizens, and not all the foreigners give due attention to it. Here you can find many beautiful and mysterious apartment houses as well as interesting coutyards. For example, in the house number 64 lived famous in Russia Grigory Rasputin. Walking in the yards of houses 31-37, you will find yourself among the historical figures and people of XIX century that masterfully painted on the walls.

I’d recommend you to stroll Gorokhovaya street from the beginning till the end, because almost all the buildings and houses on it are the cultural sights and has it own history and beauty.

Visit a piece of China being in St Petersburg

chinese garden of friendship, st petersburg

Do you want to teleport from St Petersburg to China. It’s possible to do if you visit Chinese Garden of Friendship. This place is a small copy of the Shanghai Garden of Joy, a gift for Saint Petersburg’s 300th anniversary by Shanghai city. Locals love this place and quite often come here to rest from the bustle of the city.

Here you can see the Wall of the Nine Dragons, enjoy a tea ceremony in the pagoda of friendship and simply admire beautiful plants and stones that were brought directly from China.

Where to find: Liteiny Avenue, 15, the closest metro station is “Chernyshevskaya”.

Look at the city from the Five corners

five corners, non-touristy places to visit in st petersburg

Five corners is unofficial name of intersection that unites Zagorodny Avenue with Razyezzhaya street, Lomonosov street and Rubinstein street. Here is flying a special atmosphere that will make you get lost in time and see Saint Petersburg from another side. It’s nice to take a cup of coffee at some of the local cafes and enjoy magnificent view on Five Corners.

Where to find: the Five Corners Point is located at Zagorodnyy prospekt, 13.

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