Things You Should Know before Traveling to Thailand

Things You Should Know before Traveling to Thailand

Things You Should Know before Traveling to Thailand

Welcome to Thailand

When traveling in a country with an entirely different culture than what you are used to, it is a is a good idea to follow some specific suggestions to get the most enjoyment out of your trip. Below you can Find out the Things You Should Know before Travel to Thailand.

Thai Royalty

It is considered to be a crime to insult the King of Thailand. Do not say anything negative about the Royal Family or Thailand’s democracy. In fact, try not to bring up the issues whatsoever. Thais treat the King and the whole Royal family with utmost love and adoration and any kind of disrespect is punished severely. You should also show respect to the national anthem whenever it is performed. Just stand up if you are sitting and be quiet while it is played. Throwing Thai banknotes is also considered to be rude – they contain the image of the King.


Take some time to become familiar with the language. True, it is quite hard to learn, and understanding it can be quite challenging, but memorizing certain words and phrases can come in quite handy during your travels. This is particularly true if you are visiting other places outside of Bangkok or traveling through some rural areas. Check out these useful Thai words for travelers.


Thais usually do not shake hands as a form of greeting. Even though it is internationally accepted, things are a little different in Thailand. Instead, Thais prefer the traditional ‘waai‘ and foreigners are also encouraged to use it as a greeting.


You will have to use the Thai currency. This is an easy step. Plenty of exchange places are available everywhere, you just have to locate the one that offers a better rate. Try to have your money exchanged in advance as the foreign currency is generally not accepted for purchases.


If you are a smoker, be on the lookout for “No Smoking” signs, as smoking is still not widely accepted in Thailand. Because of this, there are very few designated areas that are provided for the smoking crowd. Some of the places that you should never be smoking in include indoor public areas, vehicles, shopping centers, bus and train stations, museums, temples and other sacred places. Smoking in a non-designated area usually carries a fine.


Alcohol is also not sold at all times. Thai laws have some restrictions towards the sale of alcohol. It is not uncommon even in some international resorts to notice that the sale of alcohol is prohibited during several hours in the afternoon – 2 to 5, and also during certain religious and national holidays.


In Thailand, all sacred images must be respected. This includes all the images of the Buddha. Also, keep in mind that it is not always allowed to even take photos of certain scared images. Do not point your feet at any sacred object – it is considered entirely unacceptable.

Buddhist monks must always be respected. This is true not only for Thailand but also for other Buddhist societies. An important point to remember is that women must never touch a monk or never offer anything to a monk. Monks are not permitted to accept anything offered by a woman


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