Top 10 Free things to do in Prague

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Prague

free things in Prague

Prague is a charming and vibrant capital city of the Czech Republic. It has stunning green spaces, atmospheric streets and awesome views that you can’t simply ignore. The city has many activities and attractions. Check out this list of Top 10 Free Things to Do in Prague that will help you to explore the city on a budget.

Take a day trip to the Kampa island

Kampa island

The Kampa Island is one of the most romantic and stunning parts of the city. It is also the worlds second most stunning city island. You can spend your afternoon and explore its picturesque houses and beautiful park. Also, take a stroll for free and view a string of houses standing right by the river.

Check out the John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

If you’re an art lover, then you must head to the John Lennon Wall. After all the desperation of the Jewish Quarter, be sure to tour the John Lennon Wall for a total change of heart. Redolent of the Berlin Wall, the John Lennon Wall offers graffitied messages of peace and love. During the 1980s Czech youths would share their frustrations on this wall. Much of the graffiti was inspired by John Lennon, seen as the pacifist hero for many Czechs. So you can come and check out this reminder of free speech and non-violent rebellion of Czech youth in hard times.

Tour the stupendous Josefov

The Josefov, situated in the Old Town, is the birthplace of Frank Kafka. It is also the home to the old Jewish Cemetery and the synagogue. You can walk its streets and try to imagine how this area was once like when it had approximately 18000-inhabitants. Also, soak up the culture and history and get lost wandering around winding alleys. You can tour the Josefov for free. Although there is a small fee to enter the Jewish heritage monuments.

Explore the amazing grounds of the Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague is so proud to be part of the Guinness book of records. This is mostly because it is the home of the largest castle complex worldwide occupying an area of almost 70000m2. Here you can explore the Prague Castle interiors, dive into the Golden lane and walk the Petrin Hill. Discover the castle gardens and many grounds for free. You will also find lots of concerts and events taking place around the grounds. Also, view the “Changing of the guards” every hour from 6am-11pm. This castle is the best place to come to learn the long and exciting history of the Czech nation.

Stroll through the beautiful Wallenstein Gardens

Wallenstein Gardens

The Wallenstein garden is among the top Baroque attractions in Prague. You will find trimmed box trees, an Isle of mythological bronze figures and fountains. You can also expect to see peacocks wandering around the place and an aviary with live owls. Stroll through the Wallenstein Gardens for free and it is only open from April 1st to October 31st. Also during warmer months, there are numerous free performances and concerts. So be sure to not miss this opportunity while in Prague.

See the views from the Observation Tower and Petrin Hill

The Petrin Observation Tower looks vaguely familiar, mostly because it’s actually a small version of the Paris Eiffel Tower. The observation tower has a great-height of just 60m-tall and affords memorable views thanks to its location at the Petrin-Hill. It’s a 299-step-climb up to the top, so you can go on a 30-minute hike passing wooden paths and gardens. Along the way, you can also stop at the statue of a Czech romantic poet called Karel Hynek Mácha. It is also a popular meeting place for couples during May 1st each year. You will be rewarded by amazing views of the city once you reach the top. Also, lounge on one of the benches in the gardens and pack a few drinks and snacks for a nice picnic.

View the amazing architecture of the unique Dancing house

Dancing house

The Dancing House is a very well-liked and popular attraction along the cityscape. The building has an unusual shape and it’s nicknamed “Fred and Ginger”. This is mostly because it resembles two people dancing. The building originally caused controversy as most people believed it did not fit with the aesthetic of the rest of Prague. So you can take a break from walking around the city and come here and see this new architecture. You can visit the dancing house for free. There is also a rooftop bar, so you can come and access for free as you take a perfect glimpse of Prague.

Discover all that Charles Bridge has to offer

Charles Bridge

Named after Charles IV, Charles Bridge is Prague’s most loved and popular bridge. This amazing bridge is always full of people crossing the River Vltava. Listen to street musicians, admire the artwork of artists and watch dancers. Don’t miss a chance to take your turn to Polish the brass and make a wish at the famous St Jan statue. You can explore the Charles Bridge for free. I would recommend that you come here early in the morning or even late at night to avoid huge crowds. Also, take amazing photos with much of the city’s background.

Get free refills at the Bohemia Bagel Restaurant

Bohemia Bagel is at the heart of Prague and it is famous for offering free coffee refills. You can come here and order a cup of tea or coffee (whichever you prefer) and get free refills. You can choose from one of the 3 branches of Bohemia Bagel situated at the centre of Prague. They are the Old Town, The Lesser Town and Holešovice. Also, check the bulletin boards in the restaurant. You might find out community announcements for more free activities in Prague. This is the best place to get breakfast, snacks and lunch and best of all, you can enjoy free WiFi.

Visit the amazing Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is one of the most impressive Gothic religious buildings in Prague. The church dates back from the 14th century and was once leading the Protestant church in Prague. Here you can view the grave of the astronomer Tycho Brahe. Famed for pioneering a scientific approach to astronomy and for losing part of his nose in a sword fight. Also view the golden Madonna, which was once a golden chalice but was then melted when the Catholics took over. Visiting the church is free, although you are not allowed to take in cameras.

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