Top Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Top Best Places to Visit in Mexico

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Mexico is a huge country with beautiful sandy beaches, stunning scenery and endless sunshine. There are many interesting and unusual things to do that will light up your eyes and take your breath away. Check out this list of the best places to visit in Mexico that will possibly leave you longing for more!

Explore famous Cancun beach

cancun beach, mexico

Cancun is for certain a paradise for sun worshippers and beach lovers. It is also a heaven slice for history buffs, thrill seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Cancun offers many interesting activities that you can enjoy. Spend your day at the Tulum or at the Isla Mujeres island. If you love to scuba dive and snorkeling, you can head to the Mesoamerican Barrier System. If you’re also looking for a pumping night-out, you can go to Xoximilco. Here you can enjoy Mexican cuisine, music, and culture. Even swim with whale sharks at the Carey Dive Center at the Isla Mujeres. Cancun is a fun place that can offer you a memorable experience.

View creepy island of the dolls

la Isla de las munecas

The La Isla de las Munecas is the best place to come if you’re looking for a surreal experience in Mexico. This island was the creation of a farmer, Don Julianna Santana. Julianna was haunted by the memories of a young girl who died ashore on his island. He then collected dolls to end his nightmares and placate the young girl’s spirit.

Some of the dolls have missing limbs, heads, and eyes. They also dangle from wires and trees all around this island. So you can come here and view these hundreds of creepy dolls that make this place a real nightmare.

Touch the whale and dive with the sharks

touch the whales in mexico

When the fall comes, grey whales migrate to the warm water of the Pacific coast of Mexico to give birth here. The best time to visit whale families is in February and March. The whale-parents don’t mind when tourists come to their kindergarten. And newborn children get so close to the boat that you even can have an opportunity to pat them.

Where to find: Magdalena Bay, state of Baja California Sur

If you are a thrill seeker, go to the island Guadalupe and dive with white sharks. From July to October, you can dive 9 meters under the water and will be protected from scary sharks only by the bars of the cage. 

Where to find: Guadalupe Island, 240 km from the shore of the state of Baja California 

Tour the amazing Copper Canyon

copper canyon, mexico

The Copper Canyon is a series of massive canyons on the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in Northern Mexico. It has amazing geography, local indigenous and towns. Tour this region and enjoy activities like hiking, rafting, rappelling and mountain biking. You can view the remarkable Copper Canyon via a train and have a lifetime memory for many years to come.

Dive to the Cancun Underwater Museum

Visit the most unusual Mexican museum exhibits of which you’ll find on the bottom of Caribbean sea. The underwater Volkswagen Beetle, a man sitting on the sofa and watching TV, a little girl with a purse in the hands and many other sculptures were placed here to become a reef.

In general, you can see here over 500 sculptures what makes this place in Cancun the first and largest underwater museum in the world

There are two famous points to see the exhibits:

  1. From Punta Nizuk you can easily check the sculptures doing snorkeling, as they are located at a depth of 4 meters, or from a boat with a transparent bottom. 
  2. The exhibits at the shore of Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) are located at a depth of 8 meters and to see them all in details you can with scuba diving. 

Explore the Oaxaca magical city

oaxaca city, mexico

Oaxaca is usually cited as one of the culinary and cultural hubs of Mexico. Here you can indulge yourself in interesting adventures as you explore all of Oaxaca. You can view the Arnold del Tule, the widest tree in the world, which is over 2000 years old. Wander through the wonderful chaotic markets of Oaxaca. Here you will find just about anything. Spend a half day climbing up the incredible Molten Alban pyramids and get a better glimpse of all Oaxaca. Also, marvel at the former religious center of Milta Ruins and imagine what life was once like.

Visit the Zocalo: the city's most exciting neighbourhood

zocalo, mexico city

Zocalo is the world’s largest public squares and beating heart of Mexico City. During the colonial period, Zocalo served as a bullfighting arena and market. The Zocalo is now used for demonstrations, parades and festivals. Here you can take fantastic photos during flag ceremonies every morning and evening. During winter, you can enjoy activities such as snow tubing, sledging and ice skating. Also, watch the Aura cleansing and view some streetside shrines and statues. Zocalo is the ideal place from which to start exploring this historic city.

Discover the Mayan world at the Chichén Itza

chichen itza, mexico

The Chichén Itza is one of Mexico’s most famous tourist attractions. It is also located in the Yucatan Peninsula. From Cancun, you can take a day trip out to this Mayan ruin, with several tour options available. You can tour this area with a bus or a rented car. Although it may be easier and cheaper to ride a bus. You can view the Cenote of Sacrifice which was one of the famous flood sinkholes of the Yucatan. Also visit the pyramid of Kukulcan, the seven ball courts, the temple of Jaguars and the wall of skulls. Tour the Chichén Itza and experience the life of the Mayan world.

Have fun at Cabo San Lucas

cabo san lucas, mexico

The Cabo San Lucas is the best place if you’re looking to party in Mexico. It is one of the world’s most popular spots for celeb sightings, snorkelling and sunning. Here you can hit the dance floor at El Squid Roe, nature watch at El Arco and surf at zippers. Also, dine with flair at Mi Casa and get your rock and roll on at the Cabo Wabo.

Enjoy the beautiful Guanajuato city

guanajuato city, mexico

The Guanajuato is quite possibly the most picturesque city in all of Mexico. It has bright colored buildings, amazing squares, and plazas. I would recommend that you visit the mummy museum that houses over 100 mummies bodies.

Wander through Diego Rivera’s home (a famous artist) which is now a famous art gallery. Also, take the funicular tram car up the side of the mountain. You will get rewarded with amazing views over the city and the famous statue of Pipila (a local hero). The Guanajuato is a city that you will simply fall in love with.

Spend your day at the ancient Fortress of Tulum

fortress of tulum, mexico

The ancient Fortress of Tulum is spectacularly situated on a cliff on the Caribbean Sea. This is the third most archaeological site in Mexico. You can explore the Mayan Ruins, watch the poll flyers and walk up the Tulum Beach Road. You can even swim or relax on the Beach and visit the craft market if you’re hungry. This is a perfect destination (especially during summers) to spend your day.

Visit the popular Puerto Vallarta beach

puerto vallarta, Mexico

The Puerto Vallarta is among the most popular resort towns on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. This city offers many interesting activities that you can enjoy. You can visit the famous and iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe and walk the new Malecon. See a performance at the El Theatre Vallarta and explore the Los Arcos and Los Muertos Beach. Also, swim with the dolphins, watch the whales and take part in the turtle release program.

Enjoy yourself at the Cozumel

cozumel, mexico

If you’re searching for a more laid-back experience, then you must visit Cozumel. The Cozumel has lovely beaches and crystal clear waters which you can admire. Here you can enjoy a lively evening with the pirates and dive deep at Dolphinaris. Also, drop by at the Cozumel markets and plunge in the clear lounge underwater oxygen Bar. Cozumel is the best place to have some wonderful and unforgettable experience.

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