Top 20 popular Indian foods you must try

Top 20 Popular Indian foods you must try

Indian food

If you came to India and didn’t try Indian foods, then your visit is incomplete. Indian food is very different from the cuisine of other countries. A countless variety of spices and flavors will make you discover every time new and new tastes that you have never tried. In addition to that, each state of India has its specialty in the dishes. Thus, even if you stay in India for a month or more you can not try all of them. So here is Top 20 Popular Indian foods that will help you to get to know the cuisine of this country in the limited time and fully.

Luchi – Aloordom

Luchi Aloordom

This is the most popular dish of Bengal. It is the best Bengali dish for breakfast. This dish is very common in every part of Bengal. You can eat the luchi (puri) with aloordom (potato curry). You can find it in dhabas (small roadside restaurant with local cuisine) or even in the city restaurants.

Aloo Paratha

aloo paratha

Punjabis (Indo-Aryan ethnic group) find their breakfast incomplete without Aloo Paratha. The mixture of potato is put in the paratha. You can try it out by applying some butter on it. Punjabi people mostly have it with pickles. This dish is common in all the parts of India.



This pastry filled with spices, potato, meat or chicken can make you drool over it forever. You can eat this snack as baked or fried. Samosa also can be a very good breakfast. It is available in roadside cafés or stalls.



Kabaabs is generally prepared with grilled meat or with vegetables. It is mouth watering as well as nutritious. You can easily find Kabaabs in major parts of Punjab and Haryana. It can easily serve your evening appetizer need.

Dahi Vada


This is the most popular South Indian snack. Small dumplings are prepared with a paste of cereals. You can have these yogurt dumplings with chutneys. Dahi Vada is popular street food in the South Indian states which you can buy in food stalls or small food-trucks.

Ilish Bhapa

Ilish Bhapa

Bengalis can never stop drooling over Ilish Bhapa. In this traditional dish, the Ilish (Hilsa) is steam-cooked and served with mustard. You can have it with rice and green chilies. You can find this dish in every corner of Kolkata.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken Tandoor

This is counted among the popular delicacies of India. If you like chicken then for sure you must try this tasty dish. The chicken leg pieces are roasted over tandoor oven. It is served with chutneys and yogurts. You can taste it in major parts of North India.



Uttapam is the South Indian style pizza. It is richly stuffed with vegetables and it very nutritious. Similarly, no other dish can match up to its taste. You can have it with sambhar dal and chutneys. You can try it in major parts of South India.

Rumaali Roti

Rumaali Roti

You can find it weird as Rumaali means “handkerchief”. This dish is prepared by a unique technique of hands. It is generally larger in size than any kind of chappati. You can eat this roti with any kind of spicy curry.



This is a perfect example of Gujarati (state in Western India) cuisine. Dhokla is prepared by using the steam cooking method. You can also find a blend of spices in this dish. Perfect time to eat it is during breakfast with chutneys and ketchups. This is generally a home-made dish but you can also find it in the fast food stalls and sweet shops of Gujrat.

Aloo Posto

aloo posto

This a renowned discovery in the Bengali food cuisine. This dish is counted among the vegetarian dishes of Bengal. It is prepared with khus khus paste and mixed with aloo (potatoes). You can have it with dal and rice. If you want to taste this delicious dish, Bengal is the ideal place for it.

Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal

This dish is rich in proteins and it is also very delicious. It is a common meal among the Punjabis. It is cooked by mixing the rajma beans with rice. You can taste this delicacy in many restaurants or in small food stalls in Punjab.



It is actually a rice dish prepared with vegetables. You can find this dish in different parts of India in different types. Pulao is also very popular among the Bengali people. You can try out this dish with any kind of curry in your meal.


masala dosa

Dosa itself is a whole meal if you eat it with sambhar dal and idli. This is one of the most popular South Indian dishes. You can find this dish in almost every region of India. This is prepared with a rice paste and vegetables. It will keep you full for two to three hours for sure.



Jalebi is a very popular dessert in India. It is made into a spiral shape and is fried in deep oil. You can have it like this otherwise, you can also try a dip of fresh yogurt with it. In both the ways it is delicious. You can find it in major parts of India in at the sweet shops or street stalls.

Butter Chicken

butter chicken

If you are a chicken lover, you cannot possibly resist yourself from trying this dish. People add extra butter and spices to this dish. Butter chicken is very popular among the Punjabis. It is mostly available in every North Indian states. You can eat this with chapattis or naan paratha.

Shahi Paneer

shahi paneer

This is a famous paneer dish and is very popular among the Marwari and Punjabi people. Most people add extra butter, cream, and spices to it. You cannot possibly find a more delicious vegetarian dish. You can have this dish with paratha or butter naan in your lunch or dinner.



Rasmalai is another very popular addition in the world of desserts. The milk is boiled at high temperature. The curd balls are dipped into the milk with the right amount of sugar. You can also keep it in a freezer for a few minutes before having it. This dessert is available in almost all the sweet shops of North India.

Daab Chingri

daab chingri

You can hardly find any Bengali who is not in love with this dish. This dish is mostly prepared with lobsters. The coconut shell adds to the garnishing, to keep the lobster. This is a perfect meal with rice. You can find Daab Chingri in the Bengali cuisine restaurants of Kolkata.

Malai Kofta

malaai kofta

This is one of the most popular dishes. It is mostly popular among the Bengalis, Marwaris, and Punjabis. Each of them prepares this dish by adding their blends of spices. Koftas can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian and both are delicious. You can have it with rajma, chappati or rice.You can buy it at almost every corner of the North Indian states. It is very popular as a daily household meal.

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