Traditional Spanish Food: Bocadillo con Carne

Traditional Spanish Food: Bocadillo con Carne

Bocadillo con carne

Keep introducing you to traditional Spanish food and places where you can try it. This time I want to tell you about “bocadillo con carne”, which I discovered a while ago. For those who don’t know what “bocadillo” means, it is a bread or small baguette inside of which Spanish put cheese, jamon, or meet, tortilla (Spanish omelet), fish or even squids like in Madrid. For Spaniards, bocadillo is almost everything. They eat it for almuerzo (second breakfast), for lunch and sometimes even for dinner.

Restaurant Domenech in Alberic, Valencia

“Bocadillo con carne”, as you can already guess, is a bread with meat inside. I have tried bocadillo with chicken and chorizo (Spanish sausage) before but to say honestly it didn’t impress me so much. But not a long time ago I went to Valencia with my boyfriend and he suggested to have a stop in a small village named Alberic which is on the way and to try “bocadillo con carne” at roadside restaurant Domenech. This place serves many types of food but it got famous exactly by its “bocadillo con carne”. I didn’t expect that it will be something that delights my taste buds but I was wrong.

So why this “bread with meet” got so famous between visitors?

Bocadillo con carne in Alberic, Valencia

The answer is simple – because it’s incredibly delicious. The bread is very soft and at the same time a little bit crispy on the top. After feeling the delicate taste of bread you start feeling a not less delicate taste of meat which is melting in the mouth. If I was blindfolded and didn’t know that it was a meat, I would think that I was trying tuna. So gentle the texture of the meat it was. All this is complemented by herbs, garlic, and homemade tomato paste.

Besides the fact that “bocadillo con carne” in Domenech is very tasty, it is also very cheap. For example, for two bocadillos, coke and beer we paid around 10 euros. Maybe that’s why the bar is always full of customers.

  Restaurante Domenech in Alberic Restaurant Domenech in Alberic, Valencia

So if you go by highway A7 Alicante-Valencia or vice-versa, don’t miss a chance to stop at the roadside restaurant Domenech in Alberic and try the tastiest “bocadillo con carne” in Valencian region.

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