Travel Tips for a Cheap Thailand Vacations

Travel Tips for a Cheap Thailand Vacations

Travel Tips Thailand

When asking discerning travelers about the ideal destination to visit if you are looking to have a unique cultural experience and want to stay on budget, many would agree that Thailand is quite high on the list. What makes it so appealing is that not only you can have the experience of a lifetime, but you can also do it without spending an arm and a leg. Find out Travel Tips that will help you to explore this wonderful country on the very reasonable budget and have a Cheap Thailand Vacations.

1. Book your trip during low season

travel off season to save money

It is quite possible to save 20% and often more if you book your trip for the low or off-peak season. Not only this includes savings on the places to stay but you can knock off a significant amount off your plane ticket as well. What a lot of prospective travelers do not realize is that Thailand boasts a very reasonable weather throughout the year. Occasional rains are not a serious enough factor to wreak havoc on travel plans.

2. Use local transport

For getting around the country, take a bus or a train instead of splurging on a plane ticket. You would actually be surprised how easy and comfortable a bus or a train trip can turn out to be. The busses are air-conditioned and certain routes even offer Wi-Fi access. Like that you can travel around the country without spending a lot of money. Check out the Best Places to Visit in Thailand.

3. Avoid expensive restaurants

street food in Thailand copy

Another travel tip to save money is to get your food at small and cheap places. It may sound surprising and strange, but in the case of Thailand, good food can be very cheap. The thing is, pricier restaurants usually cater to foreigners and therefore offer western food, which in many cases does not even taste that great. Instead, use small and inexpensive local places. For example, explore Thailand street food. It’s not only cheap but also incredibly delicious! 

4. Don’t use landlines or roaming service for phone calls outside of Thailand

It is very pricey and there are many better options. A great way to stay in touch with your home country while traveling in Thailand is to get a prepaid local SIM card and swap it out on your own while traveling. You can even purchase a very inexpensive cell phone and use it just for the trip. Additionally, many places offer free Internet and Wi-Fi service which makes it very easy to stay in touch for free, for example by using Skype or Whatsapp.

5. Learn how to negotiate the prices

Having great price negotiating skills in Thailand can help you knock off quite a bit off the asking price anywhere you go. This even applies to the places that are not very touristy. Price negotiations are very acceptable practice on anything you want to purchase. So don’t be embarrassed to give it a try!

6. Explore Thai entertainment venues

Thailand entertainment venues

Vacations in Thailand cannot be complete without having a sample of local entertainment and nightlife. There are many places that in addition to some tasty and cheap food and drinks offer live music entertainment. You will have a choice of indoor or outdoor venues. Even such activity as moviegoing is only a fraction of a cost in Thailand with the theaters being up to the Western standards. If the traditional night entertainment, not your thing, you can explore some night markets or simply walk around with a camera.

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