Vacations In Thailand – Top 5 Destinations

Vacations In Thailand – Top 5 Destinations

Vacation In Thailand

Thailand is one of the leading developing countries in South East Asia. It is well known in the business world as an exporter of automobiles, computers, office equipment parts, and transistors, as well as food products, such as rice and seafood. But what it is really famous for – is being a fantastic travel destination.

Anyone who is planning to travel to Thailand has to consider these top destinations:


Most of the travelers start their visits to Thailand in the capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok represents a happy mixture of the historical traditions and modern achievements, which makes it a perfect destination for any kind of traveler. It offers a lot of places to explore, from the glitzy and modern shopping districts to the centuries’ old historical temples, as well as many options for fun activities and entertainment.

The traditional culture is still well-preserved in Bangkok despite the transition to modernity. Traditional rituals can be observed on a daily basis. Travelers of any age will find something they would enjoy to do. Bangkok offers a great choice of accommodations, ranging from the luxurious five-star hotels to modest guesthouses for the budget travelers.

And, of course, the food. Here’s is your chance to sample some of the best dishes that Thai cuisine has to offer. Tasty delicacies can be found in numerous restaurants and even at street food stalls. Those, who come for the famous electrifying nightlife will not be disappointed either. The city also boasts a good transportation system well as financial and telecommunication services.


Phuket is known all over the world for its splendid beaches. It is also the largest island in Thailand. Phuket has an industrial past – it used to be a major producer of rubber and even had active in mining operations. Today it is famous for tasty seafood and an array of various activities that can be enjoyed by everyone: snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, trekking, etc. Among the best attractions in Phuket are its beaches: Patong, Kalim, Karon, and Kamala.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural and economic center of Northern Thailand. It is lovingly nicknamed the “Rose of the North”. This northern province also attracts the greatest number of visitors in entire Thailand – and deservingly so. The area is the home for several natural parks with lush and breathtaking mountains and magnificent waterfalls. Some of the main attractions here are tribal villages where you can get to know the life of the traditional local people.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is probably the second most well-known island in Thailand after Phuket. It is famous for its forested hills and coconut trees, as well as magnificent bays and beaches which include Hat Lamai and Hat Chaweng. If you are up for a unique adventure, a great idea for a day out can be going elephant riding at Na Muang waterfall, which is connected by a path with two other island’s waterfalls – Lat Wanon and Hin Lat. Among other things that can be explored on the island are the traditional Buddhist temples.


Pattaya is located on the crescent-shaped coastline not even two hours southeast of Bangkok. It is a perfect place for those who love active recreation on the water: jet and water skis as well as power boating. Advanced diving enthusiasts are also attracted here: there is a major shipwreck area nearby. Besides being the home for some of the most exciting attractions, such as the Crocodile Farm, Mini Siam, and Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya is also known for its electrifying nightlife, making it arguably the most fun destination in Thailand.

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