10 amazing things to do in Germany

10 Amazing things to do in Germany

10 Amazing things to do in Germany

Germany is a discrete country with many amazing attractions that you can’t ignore. Its world old charm and developed urban cities make it a perfect destination to spend your long awaited holiday. Here you can find great architectures, beautiful sceneries, delicious foods, lively festivals, exciting nightlife and of course the best beer ever. Below you can check out 10 Amazing things to do in Germany that will help you to make your stay here unforgettable.

Take a beer bike tour around Berlin

Beer bike tour in Berlin

If you want to tour Berlin in a unique and original fashion, you can go for a beer bike tour. You will get a chance to drive and drink as you experience the most amazing tourist attractions in Berlin. There is a nice way to start your day.

Have fun at Feldmochinger See

Feldmochinger See, Munich

Feldmochinger See is the largest lake within the city limits of Munich and has an amazing water quality. You can have lots of fun here and practice activities like swimming and water sporting. There are showers, table tennis and volleyball courts at the beach as well as the nudist designated place.

Tour the Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein the former home of King Ludwig II, who unfortunately died before viewing its completion. It was also Walt Disney’s aspiration for ‘Cinderella’s’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’s’ castle which aspires many people every day. This castle was built for 17 years with impressive rich decorations such as beautiful chandeliers, pictures and intimate frescos inside. The outside is also impressive as it almost looks unreal.

How to get from Munich to Neuschwanstein:
The average cost of the journey by car is 210 euros and the travel time will be 2 hours 15 minutes. But you can make it much cheaper if you go to Neuschwanstein via public transport. You can get here from Munich by train which goes to Fussen. From Fussen, you can board a bus which will take 10 minutes to Neuschwanstein. If you are travelling with a friend, I would recommend that you buy a Bayern ticket which will help you to save money. It can be used by 5 people and it is valid for buses, trains or any other method of transportation. A Bayern ticket costs 23 euros per person and the extra payment for the next passenger will be 4 euros.

Walk along the famous East side gallery on the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall, Germany

It was once the Berlin Wall but today it has basically become an open museum made of the great original preserved piece worldwide. Many artists from 21 different nations came together after the wall came down and started to paint the East Side Gallery, which is officially the famous open-air gallery in the world. You can walk along the 1.3 kilometres wall of amazement and discover the colourful and strange drawings on the Berlin Wall that twist the whole thing to a real art work.

Take a ride on the Romantic Castle Road trail of castles

Romantic Castle Road

The castle road is the best place to view many castles for the short time you have in Germany. You can take a ride on the Castle Road which is among the best Germany’s Scenic Drives. This path is lined with around 70 castles and palaces, which is enough to make you feel like a King or Queen. The castle road comprises of a sequence of winding and small back roads with signs that are easy to follow. If you want to ride on the Castle Road, you can rent a car and pass some rivers and drive through the beautiful landscape.

Have the best nightlife in Altstadt Dusseldorf

nightlife in Altstadt Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf located on the Rhine River offers many opportunities for a night out. So if you just love to venture in the dark, Dusseldorf offers you plenty of options you can pick.
Ratinger Strasse has amazing restaurants, clubs and pubs. There are many wonderful spots you can pick including the famous Zur Uel which is nothing but fun and the best beer hall in this town. This is a truly a great place if you are looking for a memorable nightlife.
The Media Port is a section in Dusseldorf town that is widely known for offering an amazing night out. You can walk along the promenade that will take you ancient picks for a night of dancing. There are more pubs, restaurants and keys bars around. You can come here early for dinner and be well entertained till the early morning hours.

Take a look at the Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

This is the most viewed landmarks in Germany and the icon of Berlin. It has been a symbol of war, peace, terror, victory and war during the Cold War. It also stands for Germany’s reunification. I would suggest you go there at night-time because only a few people will be around. You will also get a better chance to take a picture ahead of the illuminated Brandenburg Gate.

View the German Clock Museum in the Black Forest

German Clock Museum in the Black Forest

If you love clocks, then you must take a trip to the German clock Museum based in Furtwangen. The museum is 160 years old and it features more than 8000 watches and clocks. Here you will study how scientists used clocks to perform Pendulum experiments. You will also find the most admired circa wall clock from the 1850s in an alpine hut shape. The museum is always open and they offer guided tours every day.

Try out the famous Currywurst

Currywurst, fast food in Germany

The Currywurst is the best thing you must try out in Berlin. It’s a hot sausage that you cut in slices with curry powder and ketchup. Invented by Huerta Heuwer in the year 1949, this is typically most famous fast food in Germany. If you want to get the best one, you can possibly get it in Konnopke at Pentwater. But feel free to eat your way through Berlin and discover your favourite. However, if you are not into fast food, you can go to the Currywurst Museum and please your hunger with culture.

Enjoy a decent beer at the Hofbrauhaus beer garden

Hofbrauhaus beer garden, Germany

Beer is a main part of the German culture. It has managed to grasp a passion for their delicious and well-made beer in the whole world. Hofbrauhaus is a sign of Munich’s hospitality and a Bavarian gift for establishing a cosy and festive atmosphere. If you are a beer lover, I would really suggest that you come to Hofbrauhaus and have a decent beer. The cost of the beer per litre is 8 euros. That might seems a little bit expensive, but believe me, it is worth to try. Hofbrauhaus is also a nice place to hear some German music and eat gigantic pretzels. The place can be noisy, busy and huge and you can also expect to share the table.



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