The 7 best beaches in Koh Tao

The 7 Best beaches in Koh Tao

best beaches in koh tao

Koh Tao, also famous as a Turtle Island, is one of the most popular spots in Thailand. Once you have visited it you’ll understand why: special atmosphere, natural attractions, spectacular views and of course, the incredible beaches. Just imagine, white sand beaches with crystal clear water, diving and snorkeling in which you can meet with the sea turtles, huge schools of colorful fishes, black-tip reef sharks, and the beauty of the coral reef. All this you can find on the best beaches in Koh Tao.

Tanote Bay

tanote bay, koh tao

Tanote Bay, also known as Ao Tanot Bay, is one of the ideal spots for those who want to relax in a calm place with beautiful sceneries. It’s also a perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. And even if you don’t have a scuba diving certificate, but always wanted to try, here you can take a diving course.

Tanote Bay is also famous for its huge rock from which you can jump into the clean water. It’s not so far away from the shore, just a few meters.

To get to the beach is quite easy and here you’ll find some restaurants and cafes, so you can definitely spend here a day.

Shark Bay

shark bay, koh tao

It’s not just a name of the beach, here truly you can see the black-tip reef sharks. But you shouldn’t be scared of them, because they normally stay 150 meters away from the shore and they are quite timid and don’t get very close to people.

But the sharks are not the only reason why Shark Bay is so popular. Here you can also find lots of green sea turtles, some of which are more than a meter in a long. So as you can guess Shark Bay is a very popular place for snorkeling for its beautiful sea life and animals living there.

Shark Bay is also the second longest beach after Sairee Beach. And it’s truly amazing place: white sand, clean blues water, and beautiful underwater life.

Koh Nang Yuan

koh nang yuan, koh tao

Just 10-15 minutes on a longboat taxi from Koh Tao and you’ll find yourself in a paradise which is called Koh Nang Yuan. This is a small island that got truly popular as a day trip destination. Here you can do scuba diving or snorkeling and also climb up to the viewpoint through the forest. But make sure you picked water with you.

To enter here you’ll need to pay a fee in 100 baht. And 50 bath more if you want to use a beach hair or shower.

Sai Nuan

sai nuan beach, koh tao

Sai Nuan is one of the best beaches in Koh Tao. It actually consists of two beaches, Sai Nuan 1 and Sai Nuan 2. Both places the ideal spots for those who want to escape the tourist beaches and chill out laying on the hammock looking at the turquoise water. But if you want fewer people, I’d advise you to choose Sai Nuan 2.

Sai Nuan is a very natural spot. Doing a snorkeling or diving here you can meet unicornfish, batfish, and turtles. Sai Nuan is a really nice place to enjoy time with yourself and all around.

Freedom Beach

freedom beach, koh tao

Freedom Beach takes a place in the list of the best beaches in Koh Tao. This popular beach has a special atmosphere and mood, in my opinion. The beach attracts all the tourist with its absolutely clear water with white sand and the big trees making itself looks like a piece of paradise. Nowadays there are quite a lot of people during the high season but if you want to escape it, better to come in the low season. 

On the Freedom Beach you can also enjoy a great snorkeling: if you swim 200-300 meters from the shoreline, you will discover huge schools of fish. 

Staying on Freedom Beach you can see one of the biggest natural attractions on Koh Tao, Buddha Rock.  And also don’t forget to visit the John-Suwan viewpoint, the best viewpoints on Koh Tao. To get to the point you’ll need to pay 100 Baht. From here you can walk down Taa Toh Yai beach and if you continue to get to Chalok Baan Kao Bay.

Ao Leuk Bay

ao leuk bay, koh tao

Ao Leuk Bay is one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Koh Tao. Clean turquoise water and coral reef make this place another great spot for diving and snorkeling. Here you can enjoy amazing coral life, lots of schools of colorful fishes, parrotfishes and many others.

Ao Leuk Bay is also a nice place if you’re traveling with children.

To enter Ao Leuk Bay you’ll need to pay an entry fee, but believe me, it’s worth. You’ll be able to use beach chairs, parking and also get some cold drinks.

Sairee Beach

sairee beach, koh tao

This is definitely the most popular and the longest beach in Koh Tao. Lots of people come to Sairee Beach as during a day to have a sunbath, to play volleyball, do yoga, ride a skysurfing, so during a night. At night you can stroll the bars, try delicious Thai food in the restaurants and see some show from the performers.

Sairee Beach has a sandy shoreline what makes it perfect for travelers with children. Here is also a coral reef but it starts just 6 meters out into the water. Sairee Beach became a home for many diving centers, so you can easily to try here a scuba diving with an instructor. 

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