How to get to Moscow Stadiums – 2018 FIFA World Cup

How to get to Moscow Stadium - 2018 FIFA World Cup

Moscow Stadium

It is not surprising why the capital of Russia became a host of the first and the last matches of World Cup 2018. It has a lot to offer and show to its guests and visitors. You can check this Moscow Travel Guide and get to know what you can visit and do at your free from the games time. However, coming back to the football matches they will be held in 2 Moscow stadiums: “Luzhniki”, the biggest stadium in Russia with a capacity of 80,000 spectators, and “Spartak” (which calls now “Arena Otkritiya”).

Matches of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia in Moscow:

June 14, 18:00: Russia – Saudi Arabia (Luzhniki)
June 16, 16:00: Argentina – Iceland (Spartak)
June 17, 18:00: Germany – Mexico (Luzhniki)
June 19, 18:00: Poland – Senegal (Spartak)
June 20, 15:00: Portugal – Morocco (Luzhniki)
June 23, 15:00: Belgium – Tunisia (Spartak)
June 26, 17:00: Denmark-France (Luzhniki)
June 27, 21:00: Serbia – Brazil (Spartak)
July 1, 17:00: 1/8 finals (“Luzhniki”)
July 3rd, 21:00: 1/8 finals (“Spartak”)
July 11, 21:00: semifinal (Luzhniki)
July 15, 18:00: final (Luzhniki)

How to get to "Luzhniki Stadium"

Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

By Metro:

You can reach Moscow stadium “Luzhniki” by foot from the metro stations “Sportivnaya”, “Vorobyovy Gory”, “Frunzenskaya” (red line) and from the station MZK Luzhniki.

1. To sectors A and D – from metro station “Vorobyovy Gory” (entrance through the Gates 3 and 4)

2. To sectors B and C – from metro station “Sportivnaya” (entrance through the Gate 1)

3. To any sector – the station MZK “Luzhniki” (entrance through the Gate 1)

By bus or trolleybus:

1. Bus №S1 from the metro station “Park Kultury”  (the circle and red metro lines) to the Luzhniki Stadium (entrance through the Gates 1 and 4)

2. Buses № 255, 64, 15, M3, C12, trolleybus №15 to the stop “Novodevichy Monastery” (entrance through the Gates 1 and 5)

3. Bus №A, trolleybus №28 to the stops “Khamovnicheskiy Val street”, “stadium” Luzhniki “(entrance through the Gates 1 and 4)

By car: 

You can reach the stadium by this address: Luzhnetskaya Naberezhnaya, 24, part 1. But I’d highly recommend you to go by public transport, then by car. Because the entrance to the stadium “Luzhniki” during World Cup matches will be limited for all modes of transport besides the public ones.

How to get to "Spartak Stadium"

Spartak Stadium, Moscow.

By Metro:

This is the most convenient way to get to the Spartak Stadium. There are two stations that are closed to the stadium: Spartak (3-5 minutes to the arena on foot) and Tushinskaya (7-10 minutes on foot).

By car: 

The stadium is located at Volokolamskoe highway, 69. But as I was advised before, better to avoid using a car these days.

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