Typical Spanish food: Catalana de jamón

Typical Spanish food: Catalana de jamón

Spanish food is very delicious. And if you tried it ones, it will be difficult to remain indifferent.

This time I’m trying Catalana de jamón. This is a typical dish from the east part of Spain which locals tend to have for second breakfast (almuerzo). People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For Spanish people, this place takes the second breakfast. It’s the time when Spanish have a break and go to a cafe with their colleagues or friends. Usually, locals order some coffee or orange juice and some bread. Spanish love to eat bread with something on the top. It can be with natural tomato paste, cheese, tuna, jamon or some jam.

Check out the video to get to know how locals do Catalana de jamón and what is so special about it 🙂


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