The Best Parks in Moscow


You will be surprised by a number of parks you can visit in Moscow. All of them are different and each has its own atmosphere, places to see and activities to do. Here you’ll find the list of the best and big parks in the city and get to know how you can enjoy your time there.

Gorky Park

Gorky park in Moscow, Russia
“I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park, listening to the wind of change” the Scorpions sang. I also suggest you to deep into a special atmosphere of Gorky Park. It is one of my favorite parks because it has many forms of entertainment and activities to do as sporting, so cultural alike.

If you feel like:

Art mood: visit the Garage Museum of contemporary art.

Sports mood: rent the bicycle, rollers, longboard, electrical devices and explore the park by this way. Also, you can do some sport here like jogging, volleyball, table tennis or even dance at the evening open air disco at the marine absolutely for free.

Gorky park in Moscow, Russia

Relaxing mood: take a rest at free bean bag chairs, loungers and or at the white sand beach near the Garage Museum. Also, you can get away from the park hustle at one of the lake or in the forest zone of the park.

Hungry mood: there are many restaurants and cafe with different types of cuisine and budget. If you want to save some money I’d suggest you try the street food here. I love especially one raw of food stalls in front of the “Pelman cafe”. Here you can try Cuban, Czech, Spanish, Georgian national food. It’s tasty and cheap.

Travelling mood: take a ride on the boat on Moscow River. Here are two options for you. First is to do it by Flotilla Radisson which provides the walk on big white luxurious boats with the restaurant that takes almost all the boat. So this option is good if you combine a walk with a dinner or lunch. This option is quite expensive – 950 Rubles per one person, excluding the restaurant. But if you are not hungry, you don’t care so much how the boat looks like, and simply want to save money then take a simple boat which also has a stop at Gorky Park. The ticket on it cheaper – which is more than twice cheaper than Radisson boat.

Exploring mood: Gorky Park is bigger than most of the people can think. It also includes Sparrow Hills to where you can easily get if you keep walking up on promenade. There you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city and find out famous Moscow State University. On your way to Sparrow Hills, between them and Gorky Park, you can also explore Neskuchny Garden.


Kolomenskoye Park in Moscow, Russia

Kolmenskoye is the park where I always go if I want to escape from the bustle of the city. Here you can fully relax, please the eyes with the beautiful views and discover many interesting things.

Visit: historical buildings and constructions such as Peter Great houses and different churches, small wooden houses some of which turned into the cafe and other ones to the souvenir shops, and one of the oldest oaks in the city.

Explore: unknown areas of the park such as Golosov Ravine between the Kolomenskoye and Dyakovo Hills. Walking up in the ravine you will reach “sacred stones” – the pair of two huge sandstone rocks. People say that these old stones have the magic power and help to cure some diseases. One stone is for man and another one is for women. You can take a sit on them and take a healing energy.

Relax: at the apple orchards, which lie in the middle of the entrance and the river, Moscow River promenade or at the small hill by the riverside from where you can enjoy a nice view.


Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow, Russia

One of the oldest landscape parks in Moscow, Tsaritsyno Park, is obviously worth visiting. The park is so huge that you can easily spend here the day discovering all the places.

Visit: famous Neo-Gothic style historical buildings like Grand Palace, Bread House, Opera House.

Enjoy: the musical fountains, relax and have a picnic in the greenest part of the park, or rent a boat and take a ride on the lake.

Izmailovsky Park

Izmailovsky Park is one of the largest parks in the city. Besides the beauty of the nature of Izmaylovsky forest, the park proposes you many different things to see and enjoy.

Izmailovsky Park, Moscow, Russia

Visit: colorful Izmailovsky Kremlin which imitates the Russian architecture of the 18th century, walk around and don’t forget to take the pictures; popular in the city flea market and Izmailovsky Vernisazh; Museums of Russian vodka, Russian Folk Arts, and Museum of bread.

Buy: the cheapest souvenirs in the city at Izmailovsky Market. For that enter the park from metro Partizanskaya. Here you have a big choice of different Russian souvenirs and with much cheaper price than at Red Square or other places. The sellers usually say a quite high price for foreigners, so don’t hesitate to haggle!

Try: handmade Pastila (Russian marshmallow) at the Museum of marshmallow, Russian traditional food and drinks at the small and cozy cafes at Izmailovsky Kremlin territory.

Have fun: in amusement park looking at the city from the Ferris wheel, joining the free outdoor classes of yoga, dancing, aerobics or checking the various concerts, dance parties, festivals and theatrical performances which all are also for free to the public.

Izmailovsky Park, Moscow, Russia

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