Top 10 free things to do in Paris

Top 10 free things to do in Paris

Free things to do in Paris

Paris is the capital of fashion and the City of Love. It is also one of the most expensive cities worldwide. For this reason, the trip might result in a tidy sum. But it can only happen if you didn’t read my list of free things to do in Paris. It will help you to explore the city and enjoy many activities without spending a dime on them. Check out my Top 10 free things to do in Paris that will help to save time and money.

Visit two stupendous museums

La Maison de Balzac Paris La Maison de Victor Hugo

The La Maison de Balzac is tucked in the hills of Passy and the former home of Balzac. It is in this museum that Balzac worked on ‘The Human Comedy’ and wrote his masterpieces. You can come to this free museum and view Balzac’s works and the Eiffel Tower from the attached garden. To visit the museum for free you can from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The museum doesn’t work on Mondays and also during temporary exhibition periods.
The La Maison de Victor Hugo is the former home of Victor Hugo, who was a famous author. If you are a Victor Hugo fan, then you must visit this museum. Here you will find Hugo’s great works on display like his first editions, drawings, and his home-made furniture. Visit the museum for free from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The museum doesn’t work on Mondays and also if there is a special exhibition taking place. They charge an admission fee during the special exhibitions.

Explore the La Basilique du Sacre Coeur church

La Basilique du Sacre Coeur

This church is the highest point in Paris. You can recognize its landmarks from many points in the city. Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the church that featured movies such as the Amélie and Moulin Rouge. The Bastille is amazing and I would recommend you to come up here for a better view of Paris. You can visit the basilica since it is always open and has a free entrance. Although, they charge a fee to explore the crypt or ascend to the Dome.

Enjoy Free wine tasting at La Derniere Goutte

wine tasting at La Derniere Goutte  wine tasting at La Derniere Goutte

La Derniere Goutte offers wine tasting events and classes. It also offers free wine tastings. So, if you have plans for doing wine shopping or just want to enjoy wine for free, you should definitely visit this place. You can even pick a few bottles to take home. The free wine tasting is held every Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm. So be sure not to miss out on this opportunity while you’re in Paris.

Have fun watching a Free open cinema at Parc de La Villette

free open cinema in Paris

Make the most of every summer in the Parc de La Villette, the free Cinéma en Plein Air festival. It is the biggest open air cinema in Paris. Come here every evening and relax on the green lawn as you view the free programmes. Here you can watch the classics, Hollywood block busters, French comedies and even short films by the upcoming directors.

Explore the Notre Dame Paris free concerts

Notre Dame Paris free concerts

The Notre Dame Paris is at the Cathedral church in Paris. It is among the finest examples of the French Gothic architecture worldwide. The Cathedral hosts free organ recitals every Saturday at 8:00 pm such as the ‘Auditions du grand orgue’. The Notre Dame concerts are great and they are also played by visiting organists from all over the world. I would suggest that you come here early to avoid long queues. Also, take some time to check out its unique surroundings as you listen to glorious music. You can even take some pictures while you’re at it.

Explore the steepest Parc des Buttes Chaumont park

Parc des Buttes Chaumont park

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont located in the 19th arrondissement is the largest green space in Paris. This is the best place to come and have a picnic as you enjoy the warm breeze. Visiting the Parc des Buttes Chaumont is free. It is an ideal setting for a family and it has a free puppet theater and pony rides for kids to enjoy. Also view it’s amazing grottos, bridges, waterfalls and even climb up the cliff for a better glimpse of Paris.

Get a sneak preview of the latest fashion at the Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette free fasion show

Galeries Lafayette is the best place to go if you’re interested in attending a free fashion show in Paris. Visit the free 30-minute fashion show every Mondays and most Fridays at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. I would suggest that you make an early reservation via phone, email or at the main store if you’re in Paris.

Have a look at the Love Wall

Love Wall in Paris

The Love Wall is the amazing creation of Frederic Baron in 1992. This wall continues to attract countless visitors worldwide. Baron collected over 1000 different methods to write the magical words ‘I love You’ in 300 different languages. This is the best place to come if you are looking for proof that Paris is really the City of Love. Visit the Love Wall for free and take a snap of the stunning calligraphic script.

Walk along the Jardin du Luxembourg park

The Luxembourg Garden in Paris.

The Jardin du Luxembourg is the second largest park in Paris and the current home of the French Senate. This is the most used park in Paris. It is an amazing place to wander around for free on a sunny day as you sample the Parisian Life. You can read a book and sit on the lovely flower beds as you soak up the peaceful atmosphere. The Jardin du Luxembourg also has a mini lake and the Medici Fountain you can try out. You can even play chess and tennis since the garden has tennis courts. Here is also a free photography available on the garden railing if you need to take a picture.

Tour the Pere La Chaise cemetery

Monumental Pere-Lachaise cemetery, Paris

I know you’re wondering how come the cemetery is part of the free things to do Paris? But this is the largest cemetery in Paris. It has over 100 acres of tombs (some even at the top), memorials, 69000 ornate and graves. It is also the most visited cemetery worldwide, all thanks to the many famous people laid to rest here. For example, Oscar Wilde’s tomb, which many visitors used to kiss with red lipstick. Or Jim Morrison of The Doors, who is also buried here and viewed by many visitors. You can view this cemetery absolutely for free and know why it continues to draw a huge crowd each year.

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